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We Believe You Should Fly!


Have you never flown? That's a complete disaster! And we are the true remedy for that unforgiveable blunder.

To us at BraveHearts Expeditions, a weekend or holiday is a chance to take a different route for a while, push ourselves in a new direction before continuing on our school, university or work routines.

We run different length expeditions and challenges throughout the year to fit your study or work patterns. But be warned - our expeditions are no holidays. We like to think of them as a battle against self, and a battle against the elements of nature!

We believe a BraveHearts Expeditions programme should be open to absolutely anyone who's looking for an adventure. If you want to push your survival skills to the highest limits sign on to one of our weekend or holiday expeditions where you'll have the chance to hike on the highest mountain peaks and explore the deep recesses of the Ghanaian jungle. You could also be abseiling on the Kwahu Mountains and canoeing down the vast expanse of the Volta Lake.

African BirdWhatever your desire, we have just the right mix of survival expeditions for you to prove yourself among the few, the brave and the proud - those brave men and women who make no apologies whatsoever for Greatness.

BraveHearts Expeditions...

Dream the Impossible.

Seek the Unknown.

Achieve Greatness.




Be An International Adventurer



BraveHearts Expeditions has started its international volunteers expedition programme. Be an International Adventurer and work on sustainable and worthwhile community and environmental projects alongside young people from the host country and local skilled workers. International Adventurers will also undertake a tough adventure challenge hiking and trekking on Ghana's highest mountains as well as canoeing down the vast expanse of the Volta Lake, the world's largest man-made lake.

Our expeditions are 10-and-a-half-week adventures in Ghana where our International Adventurers will be working in a three-week alternating cycle of community-based, environmental-and-conservation-based, and adventure-based projects. If 10-and-a-half weeks is too much time for you, we have 7 weeks, 5 weeks and 3-and-a-half-week alternatives to suit every individual pocket and time.

Our International Expeditions start April 17, 2014. International volunteers and would-be Adventurers can contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more, or you could check out for more information.



Icarus Challenge IV Expedition loads

Desert Survival

This April, from the 18th to the 21st, the most hardened modern-day explorers from Ghana and Europe will take their chances in the most difficult survival environment known to Ghanaians. With little else than their heavy backpacks, water canisters and waterproof maps, they will hike up mountain trails, scramble over moist and slippery rocks and face the wrath of half-wild plants on the only adventure quest where Greatness is truly a possibility.


You can make history also. All you need is your sense of adventure and an attitude that makes no apologies for Greatness, and you can be a part of the adventure of the Spartan team.


Departure: Friday, April 18, 2014 @ 06:00 HRS GMT

Return: Monday, April 21, 2014 @ 20:00 HRS GMT

Expedition Location: Akosombo Forest Ranges

Expedition Costs: GH₵60.00 for Ghanaians, $100 for others.

Call to Register: +233 302 950090 / + 233 266 406211


The Spartan Mountaineering Expedition… Dare to be Brave! 

Meet Our First German Rangers! 

German Rangers


From the first, when they signed up for the Olympus Biodiversity Expedition, Charlotte, Malaika and Sarah showed signs that they were going to make African survival history. These three international explorers have faced the highest of Ghana’s and Togo’s highest mountains, the most treacherous of Lake Volta’s unfriendly shoreline, and the hottest of Kwahu’s unforgiving wilderness. And now, they remain the first and the only Europeans to achieve the Rank of Expedition Rangers on mountaineering, wilderness survival and jungle survival expeditions in Ghana and Africa.


The entire Expedition Family welcomes Charlotte, Malaika and Sarah to BraveHearts Expeditions’ unapologetic RANGER CORPS.